Improving a Great Idea

by climatetreatynow

Two years ago, protesters in Australia unfurled a banner on the Sydney opera house:

The right message, if a bit prosaic in presentation. Now imagine if that was a beautiful full color banner with an imaginative and inspiring vision of why we need a Climate Treaty Now. Perhaps all of us would already have seen this image and those three words would be burned into our brains — and would be on our lips.

I’m still hopeful.

But I’m running out on that hope. The climate talks going on right now in Durban are just more of the same; EU hopes for meaningful climate gas limitations and is calling for a new set of talks and agreements, and the US, China, and India, the biggest offenders, won’t even agree to participate in planning for those talks to take place.

As I keep saying to the Occupy movement:  The climate IS, the environment, the economy, and the social and economic justice you seek. Meaningful climate talks will result in stimulated economies AND the economic, social, and ecological justice that will turn this tide of self-immolation. Forbes, no greenfest, has done the math: a meaningful climate treaty will actually be good for the economy. 

What are we waiting for. Take a few moments today to let your lawmakers know. We need a Climate Treaty Now.