Artist, You Are Changing the World

by climatetreatynow

All it takes is one of us. But in order for that one to emerge, many of us need to try.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the one amongst us, the creative soul who will sit down (or jump up) one day to create art, and the meme-spark of *THE* idea, product, slogan, painting, photograph, video, song – whatever it is – that will catch hold and ignite the human spirit to DO SOMETHING about climate change, will be right there, scintillating in front of your eyes, like a firefly, or Tinkerbell, or (for fans of the Scarred One), a golden snitch.

And what will you do on that day? Will you be ready to capture its brilliance, undiluted? Will you confidently craft from that millisecond of inspiration, the work that will catch on and unite all our minds and hearts in one pulsating dance of recognition and will to do the right thing?